Milwaukee storytelling photographer

The End of an Era

Feeling tired, grouchy and uninspired, I really struggled today. The weather in Wisconsin right now is just UGH. Not the cold, because it really isn’t, but the DARK and the lack of snow. Sigh. I stepped outside, trying to “see the joy” in my world. I took photos of some plants,...
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children's hospital of Wisconsin

Cate the Great. Last Day of Chemo!

Lately the fragile beauty of life has been front of my mind and heart. I have been struck by this desire to photograph all the beauty and life and love I see all around me. My friends, their babies, my babies, strange babies I see on the street. I want...
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More Than Milk Project. Here We Go!

Nora, 8 months old. “The first weeks of breastfeeding were challenging and painful. I tried to do everything “right” – keeping track of when Nora nursed and for how long and working diligently on her latch. At her two week doctor’s appointment, I found out that she she was still losing...
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if you give a girl some wood

If you give a girl some wood . . .

If you give a child a pile of boards she’ll have 1001 different activities. If you give a child a swing-set she might have two. Seriously. I LOVE what kids do when left to figure things out on their own. This is what Bug and her friend were doing with...
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breastfeeding project

More than Milk. A model call.

I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. For me, it was one of the best parts of mothering my young children. I knew, even pregnant and 16, that I would breastfed my children. It’s not just about milk; it’s about that little face looking up at you with big, trusting...
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a Day in the Life. Your family; unscripted.

Twelve years ago, when I was just starting out as a photographer, the images that captured my heart were always the little things; the unscripted moments where things weren’t exactly perfect, but they were totally real. I loved the details, the chubby knees, the messy smiles. Recently, I started this personal project...
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summer vacation

I think this is her third shower this summer.

Tell me I’m not the grossest mother ever. Or don’t. Honestly, after 21.5 years as a mom, I don’t really care what people think. Which is a darn good thing. As I sent my 9 year old off to the shower just now on August 18th
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how to print your photos

Your hard drive is not where your photos belong!

Let me guess . . . you take hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos every year. Your kids, your friends, your life . . . and they sit and sit and sit . . . on your hard drive, on your laptop, in your phone. Your kids, who aren’t on FaceBook...
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films for terminally ill children

For Emily. Brave. Beautiful. A Star.

Just a week ago now, this wonderful young lady’s nurse contacted me. Emily had a wish; to share her story. I was so privileged to be invited into Emily and Nana’s world, if just for a brief moment. Her story moved me. We hope it moves you, too. “If there...
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milwaukee photographer

That hat.

Sometimes when I scroll through my photo stream I feel a little pang of motherly guilt; there are so many photos of my youngest compared to the rest. But no matter how hard I try, she is just always providing me with photo-ops! She’s always with me (think skirt moppet),...
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childhood unplugged

I’m bored. I think I’ll make beef jerky!

On facebook I created a hashtag #crapisaiahdoes because, well, Isaiah. He NEVER stops doing stuff. He is in constant motion. Yesterday he started working on a Radio Flyer wagon that he plans to add a motor to (the salvaged motor from a broken weedwhacker). Today he decides to whip up a...
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terminally ill children in milwaukee

Capturing life.

We hope to help bring a little joy in a painful time in a family’s life. If you or someone you know is facing the loss of a child, please connect with us and you may be eligible for a complimentary family film featuring your child. Anna Mayer does a...
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the good life

The Secret to a “Good” Life.

As I turn another year older and, hopefully, wiser, I think about what makes life “good”. Is it the big stuff; where you live, who you married, what you do for a living? Or is it a cluster of little things; the car you drive, your cup of coffee in...
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milwaukee videographer

My awesome office art. Vintage cameras.

Check out the awesomeness of my new wall art. I know I am biased, but my son Tyler, 21 years old, created these posters for me and I think they are beyond cool. Don’t you? They all have a special meaning for me. The Rolleiflex is the camera my grandfather...
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keeping the love alive

48 years of marriage and this couple has found the secret to lasting love.

What is the secret to lasting love? The list of possible answers could go on and on. For one Northern California couple the secret was so simple it took me by surprise. When they contacted me last year to photograph the two of them at home I wasn’t exactly sure what...
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national geographic theo and beau

Our Theo and Beau footage is on National Geographic Wild!

We are so excited to announce that our video footage from the Theo and Beau movie is a big part of an episode of Unlikely Animal Friends on Nat Geo Wild channel. I mean, how cool is that? We think it’s pretty cool. You can tune in on Friday at 1pm...
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Milwaukee video production

Project 365. Getting my camera out for MY family.

I feel so very lucky to be a photographer (and filmmaker). I remember when Tyler was 2 years old; I didn't even own a camera (my sister accidentally threw mine down the basement stairs with some dirty laundry).
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