Welcome to my blog, aka, some kind of personal diary I write to record my heart's musings and maybe entertain a reader or two and perhaps share some useful advice from my life as the tour director of a bustling Carnival Cruise, otherwise known as life with four children. By day (and often by night) I am a children's photographer. For nearly a decade I lived with my then rapidly expanding house full of stinky, messy, beautiful and nearly-perfect (tee-hee) off-spring in the San Francisco Bay area. Read the rest

Announcing our beautiful new brag albums. You are gonna love um.

Oh, how much I love these! We’ve had the same brag albums (the accordion, aka, Grandma Brag Album) for almost a decade and decided it was more than time for an update. When we started our search, I was a little hesitant, as I am not a lover of change. However, the moment I held this beautiful little album in my hands, I knew that change was more than due, it was adorable. So, for an adorable change, here you go: The cutest little brag book ever. :) If you are wondering, yes, that’s Theo and Beau in there. Adorable, as always, they make this album cuteness overload, don’t you think?



Milwaukee photographer milwaukee family photographyMilwaukee family photography

My sweet baby. It’s so important to capture it now.

Milwaukee family photographer

Before you know it, the crib, the footies, the bedhead and the big eyes will be replaced by sleepovers, hair dye and teenage stink-eye. Trust me, I know.

It’s Throwback Thursday. Time for an adorable mug.

In 2009 I briefly dabbled in some pet photography. I even captured a beautiful horse (ok, he was a quirky horse, which is why she chose me, lol). This dog was by far my favorite. It might be her under-bite, or maybe her hilariously beautiful name. ha


Milwaukee family photographer


Anna Mayer is Milwaukee’s family photographer, creating films, photographs and amazing galleries for families all over the United States.

It’s the season’s of life I just love to capture. Milwaukee family photography.

I’ve been a family photographer since 2004, when I took on my first paying clients and began my role as documentarian for so many wonderful parents and children from all over the United States. What a treasured role it has been. Look at these little honeys, in 2007, 2008, 2011 and just last week. So amazing to watch them grow. I do have several other years from this delightful and joy-filled family, but I will save those for an upcoming short film we are doing to capture the “why” of hiring a professional photographer to document life and it’s milestones.
milwaukee photographerstella milwaukee familiy photographerMilwaukee family photographer


Nothing cuter than an ice cream parlor and some adorable kiddos!

How adorable is this? Historic Ice Cream parlor, adorable kids and a photographer to capture it. :) Just too fun.

Anna Mayer is Milwaukee’s family photographer, capturing the joy of family life for lucky Milwaukee families who want to remember, beautifully, life with their children and grandchildren.

Whitefish Bay family photographer. Milwaukee photographer.

milwaukee family photographer

Shoots like this are why I do what I do. I simply love capturing a family doing what it is that they do. Sure, photos of a family in a pretty place, all smiling at the camera, are wonderful. But what a treasure to have photos of your family just as they are, playing chess,…

A magical moment on Lake Michigan.

milwaukee family photography

In 2008 Brian and I opened a map of the Midwest in search of our future home. After nearly a decade in California, 2000 miles from our families, we were ready to return to the heart of America. With my in-laws in Michigan and my family in Minnesota, we spotted this little city on the shores of Lake Michigan and we just knew. I had never been to Milwaukee in my life, but I knew it would soon be home. The Great Lakes. They are my soul. And now, they are in my backyard. What a gift.

Our New Photo Studio in the Third Ward Downtown Milwaukee

milwaukee studio photographer

We are so excited to announce that we now have a studio space in downtown Milwaukee. the perfect place to capture your little sweetheart out of the long cold winter weather!  

The beach and two too cute!

family photographer milwaukee

A baby girl, her adoring parents, snow + sled = Wow!

I cannot wait to see the next bundle of cuteness from these two, I mean, seriously!?