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summer vacation

I think this is her third shower this summer.

Tell me I’m not the grossest mother ever. Or don’t. Honestly, after 21.5 years as a mom, I don’t really care what people think. Which is a darn good thing. As I sent my 9 year old off to the shower just now on August 18th
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how to print your photos

Your hard drive is not where your photos belong!

Let me guess . . . you take hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos every year. Your kids, your friends, your life . . . and they sit and sit and sit . . . on your hard drive, on your laptop, in your phone. Your kids, who aren’t on FaceBook...
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keeping the love alive

48 years of marriage and this couple has found the secret to lasting love.

What is the secret to lasting love? The list of possible answers could go on and on. For one¬†Northern California couple the secret was so simple it took me by surprise. When they contacted me last year to photograph the two of them at home I wasn’t exactly sure what...
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